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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Just dropping in to wish you a very happy Easter! Project above for Julep earlier this month.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentine Present Toppers

A quick, printable project this week for Julep. Use these heart gift toppers to decorate V-day presents and parcels — pair them with small, candy-filled boxes for quick and cute Valentines. Full instructions and download over at Julep.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Letter to Santa

A sweet little printable I made for Julep — it's a fill-in-the-blank letter to santa that folds up to become it's own envelope. Head over here to download and get the full instructions.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Just dropping in to share a few projects from this month: a Thanksgiving invite and menu (above).

Printable cards to record the things we give thanks for. (Download them here)

A marbled favor box, to welcome guests.

Paper pumpkins to decorate the table (full tutorial here).

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Handmade Christmas

Dear friends, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day and have been enjoying the holiday season. I am happy to be home visiting my family until New Year's and enjoying some free time. December of last year I was working on this gingerbread house for, Handmade Christmas. The book was released by Penguin Books Australia over the summer and I've been meaning to share this project with you. The house is made of cardboard and trimmed with all kinds of craft store findings — beads that look like lollipops, peppermint-twist ribbon, sugary crystal glitter and plenty of colorful paper. Just in case you'd like to do a little post-Christmas crafting, I'm going to post the template here.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Button Card Valentines

On the eve of the 14th this year, I was sitting under the halo of my brass desk lamp assembling these little cards. Nothing seems to beat pink scraps of paper come mid-February, except maybe boxes full of milk chocolate. Earlier in the winter I was working on some sewing illustrations for one of the magazines at work, and I got to thinking how perfectly suited old button cards are for those quintessentially tiny valentines that children hand out in grade school. I spent January thinking about this idea, and the opening weeks of February getting to work in Illustrator. The finished cards have a pastel palette, some dimension courtesy of pop dots, and an assortment of trite sayings like "Beau Buttons: Handsome and steadfast" and "Arrow Brand: Cupid's preferred button." Lastly, they're designed to pair with #1 envelopes from Paper Source in Blossom and Papaya.

To make them yourself, download the .pdf by clicking here. To assemble as shown above, cut out cards on page one. Then punch out buttons on page three using 1" and 5/8" circle punches. Adhere buttons to cards where indicated with 1/4" pop dots. I've also included blank button cards, in case you'd like to attach your own buttons or use them in your scrapbooking projects.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Sewing

We reached the island well after sunset, swathed in a haze of salt air and fading light. The place was Two Harbors, a small outpost on the Catalina isthmus. We spent three days there, camping in canvas-walled cabins overlooking the cove. That first night we hiked along the bluffs under a black sky, looking down at the port lights reflecting off the water. Summer nights here are scented; coastal sage and native grasses, wild licorice, warmth and dust.

For this trip I did a little last-minute sewing. The Two Harbors Tote, a sturdy, drawstring, beach bag with rope handles for a bit of nautical flair. I found some coordinating fabric by chance, which resulted in the Seafarer Clutch — just the thing for ferry tickets and collected shells. I illustrated step-by-step instructions for both projects so you can see how I made them and maybe try them yourself. Click here or on the banner above to download.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fans & Fireworks

Click the photo above for a larger view. 

It was just before the light reaches the time of tall shadows. The sun, low in the sky, caught the dust that hangs above the road. A thousand flecks of gold in the still, heavy air. It was then summer arrived. The season for simple things. Night breezes, page-turners, the whir of an old electric fan. And, that quiet sort of reverence for home and country.

With those things in mind, I designed these handheld fans for the Fourth of July. You can print and make them yourself; here's how: Click here to download clip art, print on cardstock and cut out. Score and fold along white line. Unfold and lie flat. Now, working perpendicular to your first fold, score at half inch intervals. Fold accordion style. Shape into circle and glue at top using tab. Let dry. Glue wooden sticks to each of the remaining ends and tie or glue sticks together.

A couple of notes: The wooden sticks can be found at Michaels. I stained them using a water-based stain by FolkArt (found with the acrylic craft paints) - it's perfect for these kinds of projects (where it would be too inconvenient to break out the hardware store stuff). Also, a bone folder and scoring board or ruler are extra helpful here — they'll give you those even and crisp folds every time.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Belated Valentine

Hello everyone! February is just flying by, and so far it has been full of exciting changes. I turned twenty-three, relocated to a new city and started my first post-college job. Earlier this month I began working as a Jr. Graphic Designer at Stampington & Co. — an arts and crafts magazine publisher. Their range of publications includes Artful Blogging, Somerset Studio and so many others (I'm still getting to know them all!). That being said, I've been extra busy adjusting and getting settled, so I'm afraid this Valentine project I've been preparing for you is a little belated. I hope you'll still take the time to flip through this "Old-Fashioned Valentine Craft Booklet" to learn how to make vintage-inspired, classic Valentines. A free sheet of Victorian scraps is included as a download on page 6. Just click the mini-magazine below to read, or follow this link.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

O Christmas Tree

This year, Green Valley Christmas Trees kindly treated me to a mail-order tree to decorate and share with you here. I chose a 4 ft Fraser Fir and it's just stunning, even at this small size. I love the neat definition of the branches in this particular type of tree. I knew it deserved some first rate trims. I decorated it with some store-bought finds as well as 32 handmade ornaments (whew!), in five styles (one of each is pictured below). I know, Christmas day has come to a close, but I wanted to provide templates and brief/informal tutorials just in case you'd like to try these next year.
Click the photo above for a larger view.

The Felt Pinecones, were inspired by my mom's friend Denise who made little brown ones to top off a woodsy s'mores kit. I also used Suzonne Stirling's tutorial for Family Circle as guide (she has a much tidier method for transferring the pattern to the felt, and other great tips). Here's how I made mine: Gather the template, scissors, a pen, felt, fabric glue and a wooden skewer. Use the template to trace and cut 6 small, 8 medium and 12 large felt pinecone layers. Then stack them on the skewer in the following order 1 S, 3 M, 12 L, 5 M, 5 S. Stagger the points to make the pinecone look realistic and dab a little glue between some of the layers to help secure it - especially top and bottom layers. Trim away excess skewer. Form the point of the pinecone by pinching it at the bottom and securing with glue. Finish the top by cutting a felt circle about the size of a nickel. Poke a hole in the center and thread ribbon through for hanging. Attach to pinecone with glue.
For the Paper Cone, download the template and trace onto patterned card stock. Cut out, then score and fold along the dashed lines. Glue closed using the tab and let dry. Decorate with desired trims. For mine, I sewed a crepe ruffle from a party streamer (this makes a great garland as well; set your machine to the longest stitch and it should gather as you sew). I also added velvet ribbon, a wired pom pom handle and holly leaves made from cut paper, velvet flocking powder and a bead.
The little putz-style Church Ornaments are my absolute favorites! The template I used is from the Little Glitter Houses site (scroll to the bottom of the page for the church). I scaled the template down a bit in order to make it appropriately sized for an ornament, and used thin white cardboard and Tacky glue to construct them. Poke a hole in the roof of the steeple and thread with a loop of string for hanging before completely assembling. Also, cut an "X" with a craft knife in the back wall of the church, so you can poke a light through when you hang it. I free-handed the windows and cut them out with a craft knife, adding window frames cut from card stock as well as a door. The rest is just painting, glittering and decorating. For the pipe cleaner wreath, bend a pipe cleaner over on itself and twist it together, then wrap around a circular object to give it its shape, and glue to church. Cover the seam with a bow.
For the Glitter Ice Skates, I used watercolor paper because it's sturdier than card stock, and I happened to have a pad of it that was going unused. I find it works well though. Using the template, cut two skate shapes and one blade for each ornament. Glitter the skates with iridescent white glitter and the blade with silver glass glitter (I gave the blades a coat of silver paint and let it dry first). Once the glitter is dry poke holes through one side of the skate with a sturdy pin and sew on "laces" with silver embroidery floss and a needle. To complete the ornament glue together the two skate shapes with the blade and a loop for hanging sandwiched in between. Place under a heavy book or clamp together with clothespins as it dries. As a final touch, glue on a 1" pom pom as shown
For the Glitter Leaf, use the same method as the ice skate. The leaf shape is provided on the template. Cut two and glitter the sides that will face out (leaves are not symmetrical). You can give them a base coat of paint the same color as the glitter if desired. String a loop of ribbon through a bead before gluing between two glittered leaf shapes. Clamp and let dry.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Peppermints & Candy Canes

These candy gift tags were an assignment I did for HobbyCraft, a UK publication. The story was unfortunately cut at the last minute, but I wanted to post some of the photos now that it's Christmastime. To make these, gather colored card stock, scissors and glue. Use the template to cut out the shapes and assemble as shown. You can add crepe paper "wrappers" to the peppermints, by gluing an additional paper circle to the back of the tag, sandwiching gathered crepe paper pieces between the layers. As a final touch, I dusted the finished tags with crystal glitter. Use these to embellish a package or decorate the tree!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Haunted House

I made and photographed these "Harvest Houses" for the September/October issue of Victoria magazine. They're meant to look the tiniest bit spooky but mostly they remind me of the lights of home - the way those warmly lit windows look when seen from a distance in the cool, clear air of an aging autumn. The templates for three different house styles are all available to download at the Victoria website.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Golden Coast

The little-girl me had the good fortune to be a travel diarist every now and then on long train trips from California to the eastern seaboard. I love unraveling the memories in those old journals, exploring their artifacts layer by layer - a printed itinerary from the Southwest Chief, envelopes taped to the pages, museum badges and folded up maps spilling from them.
Last month Alice and I took a day trip to San Diego for some shopping downtown. For lunch we decided to try a diner on Coronado Island and spent the rest of the afternoon there, wandering about the Hotel Del and the beachfront. I took a few photos along the way and made them into a "travel guide" that's hopefully as fun to look through as a real old travel memento. At the end of the guide you can opt to download a "Cut-N-Mail" postcard set with two views of Coronado. See it all by clicking the button below (please enable pop-ups).

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pink Parasols

On the southern California coast, it's been a reluctant summer. Mornings dawn gray and cool, and colorless skies linger until afternoon. The hallmarks of summer have yet to occur - though I'm longing for beach trips, bike rides, and picnics. And while the sun has only just started to break through this week, I know before long we'll have the kind of weather that can only be abated by tall, cool drinks in the shade.I recently made these cocktail umbrellas for Papermash and photographed them in a picnic style setting. They come together simply with mini doilies, wooden skewers and a few other supplies - a softer more delicate twist on the ubiquitous tropical version. You can find all the details on the free project sheet available for download at Papermash.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Old Fashioned Fourth

The anticipation I feel for the Fourth of July I owe to my father, who raised me with his zeal for early American history. Because of him I have memories of looking down on Lake Champlain from the ramparts of Fort Ticonderoga, of hiking through Saratoga battlefields, of standing on the banks of the York River, and of walking through Independence Hall in the heat of a Philadelphia summer. But as much as Independence Day is history, it's also hometown and fireworks, summertime and night skies. It's red, white and blue bunting over the front porch, crickets in the back field.

For the July/August issue of Victoria magazine I took cues from these influences. My favorite projects to make and photograph were the vintage berry basket favors (with tags to download and print here), and mix and match cocktail napkins sewn from ticking, plain cottons and reproduction feedsack. Timeworn and country simple.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gilded Garland

I've been busy the last few weeks with projects, schoolwork, and celebrating my 22nd birthday! I'm just amazed that it's already March. We've had plenty of lovely, rainstorms this year, along with a few warm, sun-washed days that felt just like late spring. I've been starting my seedlings for a windowsill garden, admiring a bouquet of daisies and drawing flowers in my sketchbook - like this floral frame I created for a set of table numbers for Project Wedding.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Grade School Valentines

In grade school, Valentine's was at its purest and sweetest. Chalky candies and miniature envelopes. Handmade mailboxes set on the ends of our desks. Red construction paper, class parties and perforated cards folded in half, sealed with hearts.
I wanted to capture those old memories in designing this free "Craft Pack" download. It comes with six flat cards (like the "You are just swell" one peeking out below), and eight fold-over cards that can double as treat bag toppers. Both styles are inspired by the classic conversation heart. The fold-over cards can be sandwiched over a glassine bag of candy hearts. Or they can be given as is:You can leave their insides blank and write a personal note. Or if your paper is thick enough for double sided printing, you can use one of the patterned papers included in the download to add a tiny heart print to the reverse side (before cutting).If you'd like to make these read on for download instructions. Meanwhile, have a lovely weekend and a happy Valentine's day!By clicking on "Download" above, you can download the whole set:
1 sheet of 6 flat cards
2 sheets of 4 fold-over cards
4 sheets of patterned paper
You'll be downloading a .zip folder and inside you'll find a single .pdf file containing all the goodies - you'll need Acrobat Reader to view it. I've done my best to minimize file size but the download may still take a few minutes to complete.
Additional Instructions: All sheets of the download print on 8.5" by 11" paper. For best results use a sturdier paper like card stock. All the cards have a handy light gray outline for cutting, and the fold-overs have score marks as well. I recommend using a bone folder and ruler for nice crisp creases. To seal fold-over cards use a tiny dab of glue. To attached fold-over cards to treat bags use a stapler.